New Family of Laser and Lamp LCOS Projectors and Interchangeable Lenses?(2018-07-11)

SINGAPORE, 18 April 2018 - Canon today announced the addition of six new laser and lamp projectors to its LCOS projector lineup. The WUX5800Z, WUX6600Z and WUX7000Z laser projectors, and the WUX5800, WUX6700 and WUX7500 lamp projectors deliver outstanding clarity in WUXGA (1920 x 1200) high resolution and high brightness ranging from 5800 - 7500 lumens. The compact design and connectivity features also enhance the functional versatility of these projectors, be it for use in small meeting rooms or large lecture halls.

The newly designed models are also complemented by a centered lens mount that fits six interchangeable genuine Canon lenses, including a unique Ultra Short Fixed Lens RS-SL06UW with an impressive short throw ratio (0.54:1) and large vertical lens shift (-15 percent ~ +75 percent) for outstanding installation flexibility.

“The new laser and lamp projectors display high image quality projection, and showcases Canon’s commitment in advancing our imaging and display technology for our users,” said Naohiko Hayashi, Senior Director and General Manager of Regional ICP Sales and Marketing Centre, Canon Singapore Pte. Ltd.  “Packed into a compact frame, the new additions to Canon’s LCOS projector lineup enable installation flexibility and easy usability.”

All six new projector models share these key technologies/features:

Superb image quality and WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution: Canon’s renowned LCOS technology with AISYS-enhancement, which incorporates three WUXGA high-resolution panels, combined with an advanced color management system allow the reproduction of bright, highly detailed and color-accurate images.

High brightness (5800 - 7500 lumens): The new WUX5800Z, WUX6600Z and WUX7000Z laser models offer brightness of 5800, 6600 and 7000 lumens. The new WUX5800, WUX6700 and WUX7500 lamp models offer brightness of 5800, 6700 and 7500 lumens, respectively.

Compact design with center lens mount: Ideal for multi-projection and stacking, these projectors feature a compact design as well as a new one-touch robust “spigot type” center lens mount system, which helps ensure lenses can be quickly and securely installed to meet a wide range of applications including those used in challenging projection environments.

Versatile connectivity with DisplayPort and HDBaseT terminals: These models include multiple industry-standard interfaces including HDMI®, DisplayPort and DVI-I, as well as HDBaseT for enhanced installation flexibility and Wi-Fi® connectivity - which can be used to operate the projector’s Network Multi Projection (NMPJ) function and Canon Service Tool for PJ free app.

WUX5800Z, WUX6600Z, WUX7000Z laser LCOS projectors

The WUX5800Z, WUX6600Z and WUX7000Z are powered by a laser phosphor light source which provides long-life lasting operation of up to 20,0001 hours. All projectors are equipped with a “Longer Duration Mode”2 which is capable of achieving up to 40,0001 hours of operation. Additional features include 360-degree installation on any axis, fast boot up time of approximately two seconds, wide color gamut, and HDR compatibility for reproducing content with outstanding high contrast.

WUX5800, WUX6700 and WUX7500 lamp LCOS projectors

The WUX5800, WUX6700 and WUX7500 utilize a traditional lamp light source and achieve superb quietness at only 27dB3, suitable for installation environments that demand minimal noise such as schools, hospitals and art galleries.

RS-SL06UW, RS-SL03WF, RS-SL05WZ, RS-SL01ST, RS-SL02LZ and RS-SL04UL interchangeable lenses

Equipped with a simple, one-touch spigot mounting system, these projectors can utilize the six new genuine Canon lenses, which all exhibit low distortion and offer flexible lens shift that helps support multi-stacking, blending and a variety of other advanced applications. These lenses have also been designed to help minimize brightness loss, thus eliminating the need to over-specify projector brightness to compensate for wide or long throw lenses, which can sometimes experience significant drops in brightness.

Lens name

Throw ratio4

Ultra Short Fixed Lens



Short Fixed Lens



Short Focus Zoom Lens


1.00 - 1.50:1

Standard Zoom Lens


1.49 - 2.24:1

Long Focus Zoom Lens


2.19 - 3.74:1

Ultra Long Focus Zoom Lens


3.55 - 6.94:1


The expected availability for Canon laser LCOS projectors – WUX5800Z, WUX6600Z and WUX7000Z will be in June 2018, while the expected availability for Canon lamp projectors – WUX5800, WUX6700 and WUX7500 will be in May 2018.

1 Approximate time until brightness has declined to half the original level. Actual hours may vary depending on usage and environment. This is not a guarantee of the life span of individual laser diodes.

2 Longer Duration mode exhibits between 20% - 70% of luminance output.

3 When Lamp Mode set to Power Saver 2.

4 Calculated value for 100” diagonal images.


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