1.8L Super Rapid Hitachi Rice Cooker 

  • Dedicated Cooking System For Long-Grain Rice Cooking
  • Convection Rice Cooking
  • Super Steam Cap
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Heating Plate
  • Super Rapid Rice Cooking
  • Clear Indication
  • Non-Stick Poly Flon Coating
  • 12.5 Hour Timer  
Capacity: 1.8 Liters
Maximum amount of rice ( Measuring cups): up to 10 cups
Program Jasmine rice Yes
Japanese rice Yes
white rice Yes
sticky rice Yes
Porridage ( Thick/ Thin) Both
cake Yes
Steaming Yes
Slow cook yes
Inner Pot Inner side Special Black coating
outer side Metallic black coating
Buttom Ridges
Non Stick yes
inner pot Thickness 1.2 mm
Timer Timer 12.5 Hrs
Slow cook timer 12.5 hrs
Rapid rice cooking program Super Rapid
Usability Automatic warming yes
Removable Steam Cap Super stesm cap
Steam Basket yes
cooking power 820W
Warming Power 40W
Weight 4 kg
Dimension ( W x D x H) cm 26 x 34 x 23
colour white


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