Create a secure and highly productive working environment with NEC’s thin client terminals

Ensuring security and reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) are no longer fads----they areessentials for any business looking to grow. As an effective solution to both of these issues,thin client systems are rapidly gaining in popularity. Thin client solutions eliminate the need for data storage on client terminals by consolidating data and applications that have traditionally been stored on individual PCs. Not only does this minimize the risk of information leaks, it also enables centralized management of multiple terminals, thus reducing operational costs.





Key features   Secure and affordable terminal featuring dual monitor capability
Processor   VIA Eden 1GHz
Memory   128MB Flash/512MB RAM DDR2
Network Interface   1000/100/10-Base-T IEEE802.11 b/g/n
(for wireless LAN model*)
Graphics   Max. 1600 x 1200 Dual display available
External Dimensions(W x D x H)   177 x 121 x 34 mm (excluding the stand)
Weight   670g
Power Consumption   Max. 14W
Terminal Embedded OS   Windows CE 6.0
Other   Supported protocol RDP6.0 ICA10.17

* Not available in certain countries/regions. Please contact your local NEC office for details.