imagePROGRAF MFP Solution M25 / 40

Simple functionality with efficient operability

Provides the perfect answer for a straightforward and organized workflow for all your scanning, copying, archiving and distribution of large format documents in great detail and quick speeds.

  • Complete Scan-to-Copy / File / E-mail / Print and Cloud solution
  • Up to 13 inches per second scanning
  • 1200dpi optical resolution
  • Large 22" Touch screen interface
  • Scan to PDF, JPEG and TIFF
  • Efficient Batch Scanning with SmartWorks MFP Software


Super-efficient scanning and file handling

Because speed is critical when deadlines are tight, the imagePROGRAF MFP scans with true 1200dpi optical resolution, combination of SingleSensor and CIS scanning technology has incredible line definition and accuracy. It scans documents up to 25" wide (25" image width) for M25, 42" wide (40" image width) for M40 respectively. imagePROGRAF MFP is a versatile imaging solution with the ability to scan and save to PDF, JPEG and TIFF file formats.

Built with demanding workflows

The imagePROGRAF MFP Solution M25/40 are compatible with HP-GL/2 and HP-RTL, including the ability to set palette and pen settings for those demanding CAD workflows. As well as Optimised Driver for AutoCAD and for Microsoft Office users, there is a plug-in to print in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Scanner additional features

A driven roller to use higher pressure to keep the document tight to the scan glass reducing effects of creases and folds also improves feeding light weight documents. Higher resolution colour scans is now possible without productivity compromising with USB3.

  M25 M40
Scan width (inches) 25" (63.5cm) 40" (101.6cm)
Document width (inches) 27" (68.6cm) 42" (106.7cm)
Body width (inches) 34.2" (86.8cm) 49.2" (124.9cm)
Body depth (inches) 14.4" (36.6cm) 14.4" (36.6cm)
Body height (inches) 7.3" (18.5cm) 7.3" (18.5cm)
Weight 18kg 25kg
CIS Configuration SingleSensor SingleSensor
Illumination Full width dual LED illumination Full width dual LED illumination
Image quality Better Better
Front / Rear exit Rear (front eject) Rear (front eject)
Document handling - Face up / down UP UP
Document thickness 2.0mm 2.0mm
Paper path Flat Flat
Optical Resolution (dpi) 1200 1200
Scan speed (inches / sec) 8-bit grayscale & mono @ 200dpi 13 13
Scan speed (inches / sec) 24-bit color @ 200dpi 3.0 3.0
Interface USB 3.0 (backward compatible to USB2) 3.0 (backward compatible to USB2)
Control panel Start / Stop, Advance / rewind,
ASF (Auto Size Finder) read out
Start / Stop, Advance / rewind,
ASF (Auto Size Finder) read out
Operating System Win7 only (32 / 64 bit) Win7 only (32 / 64 bit)
Packaging Bundled stand, scanner, 17” touch screen monitor & SmartWorks MFP Software Bundled stand, scanner, 17”  touch screen monitor & SmartWorks MFP Software

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